Play Your Hand

Toure Roberts Often times we are so distracted from our own hands by looking at the hands of others EveryoneRead More

Are You Listening?

The Preceding Word of God – TD Jakes The question isn’t is God speaking, it’s are you listening? Don’t doubt thatRead More

Not Everybody That is Around You is For You

Obey and Get Out of the Way DeVon Franklin Some of you wait for the blessing, then you praise HimRead More

Let Go Of The Little Distractions

Let Go of The Little Distractions Myles Munroe Think about all the things you’ve done so far this year… were theyRead More

People who FEED you > People who NEED you

Open To Better TD Jakes Are you open to better? In order to be open to better, you have to beRead More

Don’t Settle For Safe

Sarah Jakes Roberts It’s foolish to keep clothes that don’t fit Is what you wanted then, what you need now?Read More

You’re Not Focused

Coming Into Focus – TD Jakes Are you fighting with people you don’t need to be arguing with? When youRead More

You’re Worried About The Wrong Thing

Remain in Obedience – DeVon Franklin You’re too accepting of a natural reality that does not align with your spiritualRead More

Don’t Give Up Your Peace For Anything

Don’t give up your peace for anything We’re fighting a problem God has already given a cure for God doesn’tRead More

If You Can Give It Up, You Can Have It All

When we’re threatened and intimidated we run back to our comfort zone God opens and shuts doors – He closesRead More

Finding Your Sound

Your anointing will attract what you’re supposed to extract The only reason opposition is near is because your anointing isRead More

Living With Uncertainty

The beginning of wisdom is learning what you don’t know The more you learn the more you realize things canRead More

Not Growing is Dangerous

Kill The Bull – T.D. Jakes There are some things that you bring with you that threaten to pollute you ifRead More

You’re More Than What You Think

If you don’t go through the process, you can’t experience the power of God You are never closer to GodRead More

You Have To Be Willing To Go Hungry

Stop giving yourself freely –  You need to cover the cost of my investment How are you going to breakthrough somethingRead More

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