This message, “Not One of Them is Able” from T.D. Jakes will encourage you to look at the things you’re currently fighting in a positive light.

  • Have the courage to know something is yours, even when it doesn’t look like something is yours
  • It’s yours, but you got to fight for it
  • You get what you expect
  • Don’t play with God
  • People only want to hook up with you when you’re glowing up
  • Be cautious about new friends because a lot of people will attach themselves to you when you’re doing better, they didn’t care about you when you were down and out
  • The devil isn’t fighting you because you’re weak, he’s fighting you because you’re strong. He’s not fighting you because you’re going to fail, because if you were going to fail he wouldn’t have to fight you
  • Nobody fights what’s already defeated
  • The toughness is a sign that we are closer to the promise than we have ever been
  • Whatever you lost, gave back, you’re going to get back 100x more
  • Some of us make a vow to the Lord and take it back over anything
  • When it’s not this, it’s that and there’s trouble everywhere – something is about to happen
  • Anybody can praise when they have a new job or car, but you have to be a believer to praise when all hell is breaking loose
  • Anything that the enemy stole from you, God will give it back 100 fold
  • You have to become comfortable with the fact that persecution is going to come
  • There’s no need for the enemy to be afraid, and me be afraid too
  • Things are going to shift overnight
  • Don’t be distracted with those enemies because your blessing is going to come with persecution
  • God will use anyone to bless you
  • You want God to bless you, but you have to initiate
  • You’re saying, “as soon as God shows up, I’m going to fight – I’m waiting on the Lord” – No, He’s waiting on you!
  • Even though you made mistakes and wasted so much time, wish you started or been more focused at an earlier age… God can redeem you and time

If you know someone who is currently fighting something, forward these notes to encourage them to keep on fighting because they’re going to win in the end!

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon