Don’t Fight The Wrong Fight

“My Prisons Are Not My Problems”
-T.D. Jakes

Crazy Peace

“Mind Your Power”T.D. Jakes If it don’t fit, don’t force it  I very seldom do things without a reason  TakeRead More

Conquering Tough Situations

“Truth Induces Labor” – T.D. Jakes

Change Your Perspective

“The Year of Perspective” – Toure Roberts

Be Thankful For The Storm

“Make it Known” from Sarah Jakes-Roberts

You’re Not Going to Fail

“Not One of Them is Able” – T.D. Jakes

Build Your Foundation

T.D. Jakes

Out of Order

Sarah Jakes Roberts

Let Go of Your Unrealistic Expectations

Expectations – Devon Franklin It’s very easy to think of what you don’t have and not be reminded of whatRead More

The Power of Relationships

If you pray about something, you shouldn’t still be feeling down about what you prayed for when you’re done. IfRead More

Stop Worrying About It!

Toure Roberts Most people are angry or worried about something Can’t be distracted with a direction you weren’t on YourRead More

Just Survive It

Toure Roberts Everybody has their breaking point When God is getting ready to level a person up, often times theyRead More

Play Your Hand

Toure Roberts Often times we are so distracted from our own hands by looking at the hands of others EveryoneRead More

Are You Listening?

The Preceding Word of God – TD Jakes The question isn’t is God speaking, it’s are you listening? Don’t doubt thatRead More

Not Everybody That is Around You is For You

Obey and Get Out of the Way DeVon Franklin Some of you wait for the blessing, then you praise HimRead More

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