• Revival starts in your heart 
  • Birthday’s don’t matter – Ages aren’t as important as stages
  • Most people think God puts you in a situation to change the situation (change the woman, change the man, etc.) but maybe the situation was there to change you 
  • The more they afflicted you, the more it made you grow 
  • In order to become our best selves sometimes we are placed in terrible situations – terrible situations bring the best out of you 
  • You don’t raise a great child by giving them everything they want 
  • God is not concerned about your comfort, He has old-fashioned parenting skills 
  • God is not Santa Clause and going to make you happy all the time 
  • Sometimes God will hide you in a tough situation because there’s people out there that want to kill you – so it might not be comfortable but it’s for your protection 
  • God isolated you so you wouldn’t be dependent on human support 
  • Tested in the prison – Does your gift still work? 
  • When you sit on your gift, you’re sitting your way out 
  • Everything you went through, God is going to use it to where He is about to take you 
  • God orchestrates your stages to get you ready for your destiny 
  • When you get happy through the bad stuff… that’s faith

If these notes blessed you, pass them along to someone that you think would be blessed by them too!
 God Bless,
Jen DeLeon