Value The Meantime

Toure Roberts

  • You’re looking off to the future and not paying attention to the moment 
  • You’re looking just for the highlights – Every minute is a highlight 
  • You are looking 4 months right now, but the moment now is ripe for harvest 
  • We are always excited about where we think we are going, that we never take the moment to look at the steps that it will take to get there 
  • You are focused on your primetime and fail to realize the significance of the meantime 
  • If God gave us more meantime than anything else, are we wrong to focus on the prime time in the expense of what He’s doing in the meantime?
  • What if your vision is a stumbling block where you’re missing opportunities every single day because you’re tripping over the blessing in the moment trying to get to what’s expected 
  • We walk over little things that look like little things, but the little things are really big things 
  • Your primetime is a reflection of everything you do consistently in the meantime 
  • What if we are so busy looking at it that we put ourselves in a position to never get it?
  • Value the meantime 
  • What if life is not about the highlight and primetime moment? What if the primetime moment is automatic if you learn to properly manage your meantime?
  • Instagram is a highlight – and maybe that’s making us just focus on the highlights 
  • What if what we are after is going to show up anyway, and we could have spent our time focused on what’s important? 
  • Your life is consumed with what will be and mismanaging what could be (what’s in front of you) – it makes you change your values 
  • We are always rushing (rushing to get to a light or beat the car just to hit the light) – What are you missing?
  • You’re going to get there anyway 
  • What are we missing by not being meantime appreciators? 
  • What relationships are slacking because you’re so focused on the thing that’s out there that is going to come anyway. You do it all for them but don’t see them. 
  • It’s already ready 
  • Depression is the result of an expectation unmet in a moment, that has you so discouraged that you fail to see the blessing that’s in the moment
  • Highlights don’t last forever 
  • Who did you kill on the way there? Who did you forget about because all you care about are the people who can help you?
  • What gets neglected when you’re not looking at where your feet are?
  • The area we need to grow in, we haven’t grown enough to even know you need to grow in that area 
  • You tell God you’re ready… You want to know when you know you’re not ready? When it doesn’t come 
  • Don’t let that discourage you, it just means you need to grow 
  • When you’re at the grow phase, it’s because God is protecting you from you 
  • It’s not about your talent, it’s about your altitude – your talent at this level, is different than that same talent on another level 
  • There’s a reason you’re not doing it 
  • He allows you to grow so you don’t make a fool of yourself
  • Practice: It gives you a place to make a mistake without the whole world knowing about it 
  • All the kinks are being worked out 
  • Don’t be mad you don’t have the stage to do it, it’s about you being excellent and practicing at the level you’re on – once you master it you will be promoted 
  • Prepare: It’s going to take you more than being creative to be successful 
  • There is more than enough content and talent flooding the world we live in – You have to be smart 
  • Learn the environment that your talent is to be placed into 
  • Learn the things you wouldn’t normally go after to learn so when your time comes it won’t be a shock 
  • You gotta get tough for greatness 
  • Maybe you are more anointed than them, but maybe they were tougher than you 
  • When we have a primetime focus, we don’t value people properly – If you’re only focused on primetime, you’re only focused on people that can get you to that moment 
  • You need ordinary people in your life to keep you from losing yourself 
  • Not every day one person can be at day 1000 because they don’t help you evolve, BUT you cannot throw a person away just because they aren’t on your level in some areas 
  • You need people in your life that don’t think you’re all that 
  • People who don’t want anything from you, you need that because they can talk to you in a different way 
  • Relationships literally give you access to primetime 
  • Don’t get to primetime and have people around you that are using you like how you were using them 
  • Don’t abuse relationships on your way to whatever 
  • There’s something in your meantime, that if you don’t see it, you’ll miss 
  • Primetime will come to you if you work with God in the meantime 
  • What have you been walking by every single day?
  • Social media makes you feel like everyone is living in their primetime except you – That’s the biggest lie ever
  • You thought it was 4 months, 4 years away, 4 interviews away, 4 meetings away – it’s right here and it’s within your reach 

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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