My Prisons Are Not My Problems
T.D. Jakes
  • The prisons that you built for me will eventually find you 
  • You have to understand that everybody that is gifted isn’t gifted of God 
  • Gifted by God VS Gifted by demonic influence 
  • Don’t let just anybody speak into my life 
  • God will use a prophet of respect to give you a word that you can count on 
  • Have you ever had someone tell you the right thing but it didn’t settle right in your spirit? 
  • People will make your gift a slave to their ambition – Make money off of you and because of you… and none of it goes to you 
  • You cannot assume that someone’s heart is a reflection of what they’re saying because they’ll say what you want to hear 
  • Nothing changes until you get tired of it 
  • You can’t rebuke what you’re willing to live with 
  • Nothing is going to break from your life until you get tired of it 
  • It was alright before, but I’m tired now. I’m not going to spend the second half of my life how I spent the first half of my life 
  • Every now and then, God will give you an immediate change 
  • Irritations are a sign that something is out of place 
  • Most of the people that hate you don’t even know you 
  • People who hate because they heard – bandwagons 
  • Don’t let the magnitude of what attacks you make you doubt the credibility of who you are 
  • When you’re anointed, you go through unreasonable attack 
  • The reason all hell is breaking loose is because the devil knows how anointed you are 
  • The devil wouldn’t fight me like this if he wasn’t scared of me – I’m anointed 
  • Unreasonable attacks identify massive anointings 
  • When you’re in a spiritual fight, if you’re not careful, you will fight the wrong fight 
  • If you fight the wrong fight, you will win the battle and lose the war 
  • The sabotager of your destiny wants to distract you from your purpose 
  • People think success is changing someone’s mind about them 
  • It is not my job to change your mind about me. You can think what you want because God doesn’t meet with you before He blesses me 
  • Do not allow the flesh to set your tone 
  • Do not allow what you see around you to determine how you pit your life 
  • Flesh doesn’t just desire sex: It desires to respond, cuss you out, revenge, shrink you out of the challenge you’re in, give up on your dreams etc. 
  • You can’t get a breakthrough until you understand the fight 
  • Until you figure out what the fight is about, you can not determine what the victory is 
  • If he reacts to what he sees, he will lose the battle. If he acts like the victim, he will lose the battle – his prison is not the problem, his prison is his promise in disguise 
  • Your first church comes out of your prison. Your blessing is going to come out of your burden. Your promise is going to come out of your problem 
  • If you don’t recognize the opportunity, you will try to get out of what God got you into
  • The enemy has predicted if you get yourself into certain situations, you will lose your joy and peace… that if he attacks you there, you’ll go backwards 
  • How you handle the situation you’re in right now, is going to make all the difference in how things will turn out in your life 
  • My prison is not my problem, my prison is my distraction
  • The prison stops me from what I was supposed to be doing before it came 
  • Respond according to your spirit, not to what your flesh sees 
  • God is about to give you a suddenly 

What prison are you in right now? How are you choosing to handle it? I pray these notes encourage you to react and fight through the right way. 

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon