Sarah Jakes Roberts

  • You can’t do what you can’t do
  • You don’t know until you know – There are some things you won’t realize until you get into that situation 
  • Sometimes we beat ourselves up for not knowing something we couldn’t have known until we got into that situation 
  • Sometimes I find myself saying “I wish I could back with what I know now” but the truth is if you went back you wouldn’t know what you know now 
  • Sometimes we try to create an old rhythm in a new season 
  • Their thoughts haven’t changed even though their situation has changed 
  • It doesn’t matter if you have $5 or $5 million, if your mind hasn’t changed you will spend $5 million how you spend $5 because you never changed your mind 
  • When you’re coming into a new season the most important thing you can do is change your mind 
  • You cannot trust that the way I think now is going to work for who I am becoming 
  • God’s going to test you by throwing you into situations to see if you really changed your mind 
  • We’ve been looking at this one thing you have (that 1 job, 1 opportunity, 1 friend, etc) with the wrong mindset because that 1 thing you have is enough for God to bless it. You think it’s not enough, but God only needs 1 
  • God allowed you to see it so it could change the way you think 
  • Break that thinking that makes you think you live in lack 
  • If you don’t start thinking how God is thinking then you won’t finish what He started 
  • You never lose when you slow down because God will accelerate and promote who He trusts 
  • God can’t put you in position until He can trust that you’ll think like Him

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon