T.D. Jakes

  • You can’t change what happened 
  • It’s funny how we can judge other people and be guilty ourselves
  • Are you holding onto something you need to let go?
  • Why do you keep going when you feel that bad?
  • Before you get to the next level, you have to release what’s behind you
  • Some of you have been in a bad season, that bad season is over 
  • You have to know God has something else for you 
  • You have to believe God something else for you 
  • If I can get you to stop grieving over your past – I can show you how to use your past into your future 
  • You can’t get the oil of God’s anointing without the pain 
  • God knows the right pressure for you 
  • God wants to heal you so you can go ahead – not fake like you’re free 
  • God wants you to be free

God Bless,

Jen DeLeon