This message, “Make it Known” from Sarah Jakes-Roberts will encourage you to appreciate the storms you’ve been placed in, and to take the steps to get out of it.

  • There are so many times we tell God we’re going to do what He said, and we get out of the realm where He spoke to us then struggle to complete the instructions He told us 
  • God will often use an excuse to get you back into alignment 
  • You thought you were coming to LA for a job, but He was using LA to experience Him in a new way – He uses what you want to get you what you need 
  • God’s not going to give up on what He placed inside you even if you want to 
  • You may not know what you’re supposed to be doing, but you do know what you’re not supposed to be doing 
  • Have you ceased what you’re not supposed to be doing so you could position yourself to know what you’re supposed to be doing? 
  • God will convict you to change – You know you’re too old and grown to be doing what you’re doing… you’re better than that 
  • You’re going to poison what God put inside you with your own desires 
  • God cannot reveal what it is until the environment is healthy enough to not abort it 
  • Everybody great, ain’t great 
  • God can’t put you in the room until you’re strong enough to be in the room and not be changed 
  • As long as you’re comfortable enough with your own wickedness you will empathize with other people’s wickedness
  • You think it’s about the job, but it’s not about the job it’s how you share your testimony within that job 
  • You’re running away from you need because it’s uncomfortable 
  • Practice doing what you don’t want, but need to, so you can stop living for what you want and live for the transportation that takes place when you do what God says 
  • Jonah didn’t activate what he knew to do, so he ended up in more trouble than he needed to be in – He was in the middle of a storm he didn’t need to be in because he didn’t listen 
  • We like to blame storms on the devil, but sometimes you need to check your own record because there are some storms you shouldn’t even be in that you put yourself in
  • Sometimes you have to ask God, is everyone on this ship someone you sent or did someone sneak on by that’s going to abort my destiny?
  • When you know you’re responsible for a storm, you can fix it
  • Thank God for the storms He put you in, because it’s when you’re in the middle of a storm that you have to make a decision
  • Tired of being in storms that were created out of fear or insecurities 
  • There are some you’ve been knowing for a long time, you just haven’t done them 

What decision do you need to make to get out of the storm you’re currently in?

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon