Let Go of Your Unrealistic Expectations

Expectations – Devon Franklin

  • It’s very easy to think of what you don’t have and not be reminded of what He brought you through 
  • Some of you have been carrying so much stress and burden, but it’s God’s strength, give it to Him 
  • So much of our stress and anger comes from expectation that wasn’t met 
  • Our expectations haven’t happened in so long that we don’t even have the expectation that it’ll happen anymore 
  • We pray but we don’t believe 
  • Subconsciously we can be awake but sleep – you can get there without thinking (going to office, going home, you’re on routine) 
  • So often we’re on routine and auto pilot and not engaged in the process 
  • God’s not punishing you, He needed to get your attention 
  • If some things don’t happen in your life, you’re not going to get the breakthrough so He’s going to allow it to happen so He can wake you up 
  • You have a concern of how it’s going to work out 
  • You try to outsource accountability and responsibility for your decisions and ask God why He let it happen, but you didn’t even pray about it first so own how that played out 
  • Expectations are dangerous 
  • When you don’t spend enough time with God you don’t know what to expect from Him because you can’t Hear from Him 
  • Stop going to God with unrealistic expectations because that was your voice not God’s 
  • How can you have expectation when you’re not aligning your life for what you’re hoping for 
  • Once you begin to align your life your unrealistic expectation becomes a realistic expectation 
  • It’s not until you make a choice and change in your life… 
  • You’re not willing to do the one thing that’ll make the biggest difference 
  • What has the strongest hold on you? That keeps you from doing what you need to do  
  • Somebody you’re dating may only want from you instead of what they can give to you 
  • Dating someone – Don’t make the assumption that you’re further along than you are because you’ll start to expect. You may have an expectation that will never be met 
  • Many times we go to God in prayer for what we want, we bring Him expectations of what He wants and not knowing what He wants 
  • We expected something from somebody and that expectation was not met so we got angry 
  • One of the greatest expectations/disappointments come from our parents 
  • Most people let us down in some way whether they intended to or not 
  • We expect so much from others that we didn’t even voice 
  • A lot of times we hold resentment to parents but they did the best they could with what they had 
  • You’re holding onto something that can’t be fixed – It already happened 
  • Whoever let you down, if you bring the resentment you’ve been carrying this year into 2019 it’s going to weigh you down – Forgive them 
  • Don’t allow unspoken expectations to be expected 
  • It’s important that whoever is in your life, get clear with what you expect from them 
  • Don’t assume someone is going to do something that they haven’t been given the chance to say “yes” to 
  • Don’t create an expectation that you know you can’t fulfill 
  • Don’t allow the disappointment of your expectations make you change your character or heart 
  • Some people who don’t know good just always hurt 
  • Keep your heart pure because God will honor it 
  • Stop lowering your expectation of Him 
  • Don’t let your past disappointments to lower your future expectations 
  • When you got stock in God, that stock is GOOD
  • Because your heart has been broken and the right people haven’t found you, you think love wasn’t written in your story. You don’t believe or hope in love because you don’t think it’s possible and live a life where you don’t hope for love because it’s too painful 
  • Just because it didn’t happen before, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen in the future 
  • Don’t allow what happened in your past dictate your future 
  • Don’t lower your expectations so much that you allow just anyone into your life because not everyone is qualified to make that step into your life 
  • It’s not your talent that got you there, it’s because you allowed yourself to be a vessel to God 
  • Your bitterness and anger come from an expectation problem 
  • Don’t walk into 2019 with expectations God didn’t give you, and be at peace with what expectations weren’t done 
  • Don’t allow your age to dictate expectations 
  • No matter your age, God is eternal 
  • If God said I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it 
  • Stop letting your age limit what you believe. You think you’re too old – Do you realize what’s going to happen next year? Morgan Freeman didn’t make it big until he was 50!
  • Age doesn’t hold you back, age prepares you for what He has for you 

If you know someone that is disappointed because of an expectation that hasn’t been met yet, please forward this email to them so they can have a different perspective on what to expect going into 2019!

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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