There was a time in my life where I doubted what God said because it wasn’t happening as fast as I thought it would. It made me wonder why He would put that desire in my heart just for it to not happen. It made me think maybe it was all in my head and wishful thinking – I was wrong though. What God told me was 1000% going to happen, but it wasn’t going to happen until I worked on the things within myself I kept running from. Although I’ve always strived to be better and worked on myself everyday, it wasn’t until I fixed and let go of the things I was afraid of that my life changed drastically. This message from T.D. Jakes will help you understand what you need to do in order to get everything God already told you – build a solid foundation.

  • Where there is no root, there is no fruit
  • We want the gifts and opportunities but don’t have the grounding
  • You have to be grounded in order for your gift to flourish the way it needs to flourish
  • Your gift is going to take you places where your character can’t keep you
  • You’re worried about gifts but you need to be grounded – Grounded is where your stability comes from
  • You’re moving in a world that’s never stable and people are going to look to you to be stable. You can’t be in positions if you’re not stable
  • People expect you to deliver – It makes no difference how you feel
  • You got to stop owning stuff that you’re not going to take care of
  • You just want it to impress other people and you’re not grounded because your esteem has been so damaged that you need constant validation from people
  • Thank God for taking you the slow road – You don’t want thinks suddenly, you want it gradually where your mind can be ready, your family can be ready, your emotions can be ready, etc.
  • Stop asking God for things you’re not going to guard or protect
  • When you’re preparing for something that’s not happening, you’re waving faith right in front of the enemy’s face
  • When that blessing comes, it’s going to come so fast that you’re not going to have time to go back and get a foundation
  • Stop complaining because God is bringing you down before He brings you up
  • What are your core values? What do we get when we get you? – Your core values tell me what you won’t do
  • Where are your boundaries? What do you care about?
  • If you don’t spend half the time you spend on thinking about advantages than your values…. you’re telling God you need the advantages and He needs the values. You want opportunity and He needs a standard
  • It doesn’t matter how nice it is, is there a crack in the foundation?
  • Sometimes we do the right things for the wrong reasons
  • God can bless you, you can be in the blessing and you may not even understand the magnitude of that blessing
  • God isn’t talking to you every morning or on your way to work – Sometimes that’s just you going crazy
  • God has been working on your foundation for years – all the times you got knocked down was building a solid foundation
  • For comfort, we forsake foundation. Sometimes to get the foundation right you have to be willing to get uncomfortable
  • When you have a foundation, you don’t take flight and get whatever needs to get done, done
  • It’s not just hearing it, it’s doing it
  • Anything that’s not grounded will break
  • A lot of things you’re praying for you wouldn’t have to do if you would just stay grounded
  • Part of being grounding is being balanced – Whatever you’re not balanced in you have to put extra effort because it doesn’t come natural to you
  • In order to carry the weight of the gift, you have to be balanced and grounded
  • Some things that are good for you aren’t natural to you (rest)
  • You can be winning and be depressed because you’re not balanced
  • Half of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not
  • When God anoints something, He doesn’t want you to soak the anointing, He wants you to pass it on

What do you need to work on to have a solid foundation?

If these notes blessed you, forward them to someone who can be blessed too.

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon