Sarah Jakes Roberts

Life never turns out the way you think it should or plan for it to be, but it always ends up the way it is meant to. This message from Sarah Jakes Roberts was a great reminder of that and a message I think you need to hear before stepping into 2019.

  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply to everything. A lot of times God calls you out of some things that are working 
  • You have to be able to step out on faith on something that’s already working to something that may cause possible confusion 
  • When God does things out of order, it’s not out of His order, it’s just out of your order 
  • When God does things out of order, our greatest challenge is breaking what we think is order to say God not my will, but yours 
  • If you’ve ever been in a situation where things weren’t in the order you thought they should be, but then you got on the other side and see they were exactly the way it should be, it ought to do something for your faith
  • You can’t carry that and go where God is trying to send you
  • If it’s not what God promised or said, don’t get comfortable 
  • If it’s not what God told you, it means nothing 
  • Don’t let your first taste of success make you forget that God has you here for a reason 
  • Everything I have in my hand is a result to what God gave me 
  • Learn to move with half the blueprint (knowing how but don’t know where or when) and drag all your tools and experiences 
  • Walk with expectation 
  • You’re wondering when God is going to tell you that you arrived – He can’t tell you because you haven’t gathered what you need to in this place 
  • Abraham had so much faith that he started splitting the wood so he didn’t have to when he got there – Start working on your heart now, start writing the script now, get your mind together now, start budgeting now, etc. 
  • Not waiting on the opportunity, prepared for when the opportunity says you have arrived
  • Step your preparation game up 
  • You’re scared when you get there you’ll fail, but failure can’t touch what God has called to flourish 
  • If God put the desire in your heart, qualify that because you can’t let your need put you in situations and force God to fit in the space of your need 
  • Do not miscarry or abort what God has called you to give birth to 
  • When you get to a place where you know you have to sacrifice – You’re wondering if you’ll regret this sacrifice, and that’s why you have to worship your way 
  • You’re asking God to change your mind but going back to the same things you used to do. God can’t just change your mind because you said it, you have to sacrifice something – Sacrifice your fear, your worry, your anxiety.. 
  • You know what you need to sacrifice, but you love it too much to let it go… 
  • God can bless you out of order the same way He called out of order 
  • God’s going to use everything He’s given you, just not in the order He gave it to you 

Forward this email to someone who may be discouraged by how their life is today, but can give them faith and hope for the future. 

Hope you have an amazing 2019!

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon