This message, “The Year of Perspective” from Toure Roberts will encourage you to see things from a different perspective.

  • I am who God says I am 
  • A lack of perspective can keep you from freedom 
  • Man’s initial perspective about a challenge, man’s final perspective about that same challenge and God’s steadfast perspective about the challenge the whole time 
  • We have sight (man’s perspective), foresight (God’s perspective), hindsight (man’s perspective catching up to God’s) and Insight (crazy enough to believe that even though you don’t see it you trust it)
  • Trust what God says, not what you see – You can’t trust sight 
  • Every time God speaks to you, He speaks from a place of foresight 
  • It’s dangerous to live by sight because it’s the lowest perspective 
  • Don’t let your sight keep you from divine insight 
  • When doubt comes in, when fear comes in, you went back to sight – and sight will kill you 
  • Your former rhythm cannot sustain insight 
  • There’s certain things you can’t watch anymore because when you see it your anxiety comes back 
  • Find your tribe – Put people around you that speak to you 
  • Reorder your universe to stimulate insight 
  • Insight is not cheap, you’ve got to fight for it 
  • There are invisible things that God knows are there 
  • Be careful when you judge people 
  • When I do what I’m not supposed to do, it gets taken away. When I do what I’m supposed to and bear fruit, there’s also an element of removal and the enemy will make you think it’s happening because there’s something wrong – but for once, there’s nothing wrong, it’s all actually right 
  • God placed you right where you are – You’re right where He wants you to be 
  • You have to accept the pruning even though you don’t know what it is 
  • You don’t even know you because you haven’t had enough time to be with just you! 
  • God isn’t impressed that you have a name, He has a name bigger than anyone’s 
  • It’s not about you, it never was about you, it never will be about you, it’s always been about God 
  • God is so good to me, I’m going to make everything about Him 
  • You’re discontent with where you are, you need to get back to grateful 
  • So blessed it doesn’t even make sense 
  • What you’re admiring is the wrong thing – You’re admiring the fruit, and not the vine that produced that fruit and more fruit 
  • It’s good that you’re afflicted – when this moment that you wish didn’t happen passes, you’ll look back at it and say if I had to do it over again, sign me up tomorrow 

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon