Go After Your Moment

A Message From Devon Franklin

A Next Mentality

A Message From Toure Roberts

The Hollywood Commandments

A Message From Devon Franklin

Own Your Difference

A Message From Devon Franklin

Mind Your Power

A Message From TD Jakes

Don’t Put Your Dream in a Bag

A Word From Devon Franklin

God Ordered Your Slip

Rerouting – TD Jakes

Managing Capacity – Toure Roberts

Today’s message was from Toure Roberts, Managing Capacity. — You’ve succumbed to the negative possibility because it seems logical — WhenRead More

2016: The Year of Reward – Toure Roberts

Are you prepared for 2016? I missed out on Toure Roberts New Years Eve service at One Church LA becauseRead More

The Final Review – TD Jakes

A sermon from TD Jakes. If you know me, you already know how much I love going to church, andRead More

My Church Notes

I am so excited to share the book I’ve been working on all year – #MyChurchNotes! I attend church or listenRead More

It’s A Blessing Not To Be At The Top

I am very OCD when it comes to my notes, especially when it comes to preachings. I first type themRead More

A Glimpse Inside My Notebook

FACT: I watch preachings and/or write notes from a previous preaching at least 3 times a week. Whenever I go to church,Read More

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