First Official Artist Booking

I’ve been in the music industry 8 years. I never thought the artist interviews would turn into booking artists forRead More

I’m Speaking at SXSW!

I covered my first SXSW as Press in 2012, went a few more times after that but stopped because IRead More

Don Benjamin Talks Getting Fired From McDonald’s, Thirst Trapping Etiquette and More

interview don benjamin jen deleon

One-on-one with Don Benjamin

Why You Should Clean Your Instagram

I have many OCD’s, one of them is my Instagram. I am constantly deleting photos because I treat my InstagramRead More

The People I Lurk On Instagram

For whatever reason, I found myself tweeting about how every female lurks, myself included – but really, what I shouldRead More

Something You Should Be Doing on Instagram

Of all my social media platforms, my Instagram is the strongest so I’m very picky with what I put onRead More

3 Twitter Tools You Should Know About

I spend a lot of my free time reading a bunch of articles and trying out new tools, especially forRead More

Why I Refuse to Buy Followers on Social Media

One thing I refuse to do is buy followers for any of my social media. This goes for views onRead More

4 Things I HATE Seeing on Twitter

I think it’s safe to say we all love Twitter – but with everything in life there’s always pros andRead More

PR 101: What’s on Your Facebook?

It’s a Saturday night – and I am spending mine cleaning out my Facebook. Now, this is coming from theRead More

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