I’ve been in the music industry 8 years. I never thought the artist interviews would turn into booking artists for shows, but @worldwideadler @chehadetheking@focusednoise @nicolombian planted that seed and taught me how to do it. Booking artists is so different from scheduling/doing interviews, producing content or running a PR campaign. It’s stressful, NOT EASY and I have a new level of respect for management/agents. I sent MILLIONS in offers last July-December and nothing closed because of scheduling or it wasn’t a good enough offer, and because I was still learning. It was so discouraging I wanted to stop doing it, and thought “stay in your lane Jen,” but 6 months in, my first official booking I closed as an agent was a festival for @liltunechi and they kept closing ever since. I kept quiet because I don’t like sharing things until they happen. I didn’t believe the contract even though it was signed. The show was too far away I didn’t think it was actually going to happen. I anticipated every possible thing to go wrong because I’ve never done this before and didn’t know what to expect. 7 months of anxiety did not go away until he got on stage and when he did, I ran to the back corner because I almost cried from being happy I pulled it off and hearing 30,000 screaming fans. I’ve never interviewed/met him, but I did last night because I didn’t get discouraged by all the “no’s” I heard or gave up because nothing was closing as fast as I expected it to. It happened! I saw this before my eyes and I still can’t believe it happened. Thank you @theadlermusicgroup for opening my eyes to another aspect of my career. Thank you @floatfest for being so accommodating. Thank you @mackmaine4president for always looking out and making this happen, and thank you to the rest of the Young Money team for being so amazing to work with. And MAN. Whatever it is YOU have planned, TRUST MEEEE – God has something BIGGER!!! 🙌🏼🙏🏼