instagram-explore-600x900For whatever reason, I found myself tweeting about how every female lurks, myself included – but really, what I should have said is that everyone lurks.

I lurk everyone. Even people I don’t have business lurking on because I’m just nosey as fuck. It’ll start with me looking at your page, then the people who commented, people tagged in the picture, then their friends or family, and before you know it I’m looking at the time thinking, “wow, I need to get a life.”

It’s so sad because there have been numerous times where I had met someone, and knew who they were before they introduced themselves because I saw them on the gram. Do I ever tell them that? Eh, sometimes because I have absolutely zero shame, but then sometimes I won’t because it may be creepy depending on who it is.

Should I be doing something more productive with my time? Absolutely. But it’s not my fault someone built this genius app. I lurk. You lurk. Everyone lurks. And if you say you don’t, you’re a liar because you know you have at least once in your life lurked your ex, their ex, that one person your friend hates, your competition, or to put it in even simpler terms –  the people you follow but don’t follow.

Now that I think about it, there really should be a time limit of what is spent on Instagram, or all social media for that matter because it’s consuming our lives.

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