Find Yourself

One of my friends was complaining about not knowing where they were going to find the next person because theyRead More

Dealing with Heartbreak

If there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s relationships. I was just so embarrassed about things I’ve actuallyRead More

Don’t Go Backwards

Can I be honest with you? I’ve been going through some growing pains lately. I love growth, I hate knowingRead More

Stop Trying So Hard

Stop trying so hard to control the outcome, stop trying so hard to rush the process, stop trying so hardRead More

Dollars Over Followers

I constantly get asked why I don’t have more followers – Simple. Because I’m more concerned about my money thanRead More

You Can’t Change People

You can’t change people, and you shouldn’t want to.

Make That Sacrifice

Sometimes God just wants to see if you have enough faith to make that sacrifice and you end up notRead More

2Chainz x Cavs Collaboration

Game 4. Cavs vs Celtics. Last night was a milestone. @Djskee and I put together a performance/collaboration with @2chainz and the @cavs. This means aRead More

Find Your Balance

This past week I feel like I got beat up because I’ve been struggling with finding balance. I took aRead More

Get Your Heart & Mind Right

I took a 2 week break from all social media – It’s really not long, but sad that’s long, becauseRead More

Why Do You Want Attention?

If you are going to follow me or watch one of my videos or interviews – I want to makeRead More

You Don’t Need A Co-Sign

One of my friends has been wanting to go after her career, but felt he/she couldn’t because he/she didn’t haveRead More

Stop Letting Everyone Into Your Home!

I am very particular about who I allow into my home and even letting people know where I live justRead More

10 Reasons Why You’re Not Happy

Happiness Starts With You

Develop Your Understanding

See Things Right

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