Can I be honest with you? I’ve been going through some growing pains lately. I love growth, I hate knowing I can be doing better and I’m not, but….. it’s been on a whole new level and I’m not going to lie, I really don’t like it. It’s bittersweet because I know God is trying to get me to the next level, so it’s great in the long run, but my hardheaded self was avoiding lessons I’ve had plenty of chances to learn in the past, and now well, I’m being forced to. You know, all the things you know you have to fix about yourself (big or small), but just didn’t want to because you didn’t think it was a big deal, but you knew it was a big deal and just didn’t want to get uncomfortable? Something we can ALL relate to whether we want to admit it or not.

So, I’m currently in that phase, and actively trying to be better. I’m committed to going about things different ways, being consistent and truly working on myself like it’s a job. My old ways weren’t working and I don’t know why I thought they’d work eventually if I was really just doing the same thing.

No matter how stressed, hurt, disappointed, frustrated or angry you get, don’t go backwards and don’t give up. Easier said than done – Trust me, I understand what it feels like when you feel like you’ve given your all, to feel defeated, to feel like all the progress you made went to nothing and was a waste of time. I know what it feels like to wonder when it’s going to be your time and when you’ll be able to catch a break. You go through your sad phase, then your angry, then your bitter, then you don’t know what you feel. It’s easier to go back to your old ways or run away from your problems, DUH, everything else was already hard, why would you want to put yourself in a more uncomfortable position and make it worse? But you can’t. Running away from your problems and not wanting to face yourself in the mirror will only frustrate you more. You have to face them head on eventually.

What helps me in this time is to watch preachings and step up my prayer life. I have been consistently watching preachings before I go to bed, wake up and pray (not grab my phone), watch another preaching while I get ready for the day and it puts me at ease. I focus on my goals and what I need to do next. I look back at all that God has done for me, all that I have already accomplished to motivate me again. I look at everything I’m blessed with.

No one is an exception to life. Everyone is going through something we don’t know about. EVERYONE. No matter how happy they may look, what they post on social media, EVERYONE is going through something.

Don’t go backwards – you’ve already been there.