Declutter Your Life

Home, Phone, People, Everything

Who Needs Help Paying Their Bills?

Together We Good

Love Yourself or Nobody Will

Do you truly love yourself?

My 10 Complete Fails

But at least I tried

Stop Playing The Victim

It was your choice

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

It’s Better Than Being Stuck

Pay Attention To People’s Patterns

Save yourself from disappointment.

Not Everyone Can Go With You To The Next Chapter Of Your Life

Sometimes the reason we can’t get to the next chapter and level of our life is because of the peopleRead More

Get Rid Of Your Timeline

Or you’ll end up miserable

Let God Be God

You can’t change the outcome!

Stop Walking on Eggshells

Be Who You Are

If It Doesn’t Open, It’s Not Your Door

The door you keep trying to open is never going to open – Stop trying to open the same door!

My First Job Was Dairy Queen

I always get asked, “how did you get your start?” I wasn’t born into the entertainment industry and definitely didn’tRead More

Get Your Shit Together

Here’s what I’m starting with.

I (Don’t) Have My Shit Together

And you probably don’t either.

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