InstagramOf all my social media platforms, my Instagram is the strongest so I’m very picky with what I put on there. Not only am I picky with the types of pictures are shared, I’m super OCD about how many are on there – to the point where I erase pictures almost everyday.

Why do I do that? Because I think of it from the eyes of someone who doesn’t know me and just came across my page. Take for example an artist or their manager – I want them to get to my page, scroll through my feed and see nothing but the best. I want it to be where they’re so impressed or interested, that they would scroll until the end. Right now my picture count is in the 600’s, but I know for damn sure I have posted almost 1000 lol – but who is really going to want to scroll through that many?

The first impression is what makes people decide if they’re going to want to follow or work with you, and that’s why I’m so OCD about this. I’m still trying to build my brand and want to work with so many different people, and you just never know who is watching.

Well, just wanted to share that strategy – let me know if you decide to clean out your Instagram!

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