Jen’s Kitchen: Banana Cheesecake Roll-UPS

If you love bananas and cheesecake, you’ll love this recipe!

ERMIAS: “God will rise.” – RIP Nipsey

RIP Nipsey

There’s Something in You

The Light That Blinds Us

The Door of Expansion

T.D. Jakes

It’s Not Going To Be Easy

T.D. Jakes

Don’t Drown in Shallow Water

TD Jakes

New Client: Gerald Green

Great meeting last night with my new client, @g.green14! Looking forward to helping build your brand – Thanks for the referral @mikedabney! #houston #rockets#nba

Super Bowl Party!

Tostitos Campaign

Food Voodoo

I dated a person who didn’t let women cook for him because of food voodoo. Yes, this in unfortunately aRead More

Teach Yourself

Episode 2

Finally Started A Podcast

Episode 1

I Used To Hide My Thongs

Did you?

Remove Ink & Reuse Plastic Containers

Save some money!

Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

They are worth every penny.

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Official

And you only need $30

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