The Door of Expansion

T.D. Jakes
Happy Sunday! Today’s church notes from T.D. Jakes will inspire you to be encouraged by your uncertainty.

  • Just because you teach something one time doesn’t mean people got it 
  • There are people who didn’t hear what you said, then people who hear what they wanted you to have said 
  • You cannot teach what you don’t understand 
  • It’s easy to confuse the voice of God with your own opinion
  • God can’t be explained, He has to be experienced 
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of what was once true 
  • Sometimes your gift/anointing will take you to places your head is not ready for 
  • Sometimes the problem isn’t if you’re ready or not, it’s if they’re ready or not 
  • God is big on ideas, but not on details. If He explained too much, you wouldn’t need faith 
  • When God gets ready to bless you, He puts your blessings in places that challenges your comfort zone 
  • God wants to stretch you (the way you think, the way you move, etc.)
  • For everything you’re trying to get into, there’s a door. A door isn’t always a door, might be a person, job, etc. 
  • Don’t save your best stuff for the big crowds. Just because the room is small doesn’t mean it’s not a big crowd 
  • People who are arrogant are small 
  • You have to be big to be able to get down low 
  • You’ll never be able to get in the door if you’re too high. Humility is a prerequisite 
  • Big people don’t demand high because they know who they are 
  • People with big names try to go unnoticed. People with little names demand to be recognized 
  • There’s nothing like being treated nice by someone you’ve been talking about. Be good to people because they’ll find out that you’re not what they thought you were 
  • Some of you think you’re at a door and don’t realize you are a door 
  • The enemy isn’t attacking you because you’re you, he’s attacking you because you’re a door 
  • You’re access, knowing you gets me to something 
  • When you know you’re a door, you’re humble because you know it’s not about you 
  • Doors know doors 
  • The stress of being uncertain is weighing you down 
  • When you’re in uncertainty, just do what you do 
  • You may be uncertain, but you’re still in the room! 
  • Don’t get in a place of uncertainty and just stop doing what you do because God brought you to that place to do what you do 
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just do what you do 
  • Stop complaining to your friends and stop being angry and just do what you do 
  • If you do what you do, it’s going to happen by itself 

If you know someone that is going through a time of uncertainty, forward these notes to them so they can be encouraged to have faith and keep going!

 God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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