Today’s church notes from T.D. Jakes is a reminder that God has more for you than you realize and understand. 

  • So busy I didn’t notice the warning signs, so busy wanting to take care of everyone, so busy not wanting to disappoint anyone, so busy doing what God called me to do, so busy I forgot to take care of me 
  • An infected eye cannot see light 
  • Vision is something we take for granted 
  • The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but having no vision 
  • Much of what we think about something has a lot to do with what we were exposed to at early ages 
  • Some people hate you because they think they’re smarter than you 
  • When you take less and do more with it, people get a real attitude 
  • God will stop people when they’re on their way – You don’t have to always defend yourself or fight back, or fight evil with evil 
  • It’s amazing what God will hide from a man 
  • It’s amazing what God will hide in a man 
  • It’s possible that you could be more than you expected 
  • God has more in you than you have realized – and that’s why the devil is fighting you 
  • You tried to run, you tried to hide, you tried to forget, you tried to stay where you are.. but you know there’s something in you 
  • What are you running from because you don’t understand?
  • God knows exactly what it takes to bring you to your needs 
  • Don’t hate the person who did what they did, it is not them that you’re fighting 
  • It’s not humiliating, it’s humbling 
  • Light hurts, and that’s why we lie to ourselves. We lie to ourselves just like why we wear sunglasses – it changes your world and protects your eyes 
  • You’re not remembering what happened, you’re remember how you like to think it happened 
  • Real light will stop you from blaming other people 
  • Your fighting back is causing you pain 
  • God is going to humble you until you say “YES.”
  • You don’t need anyone to pray for you, you need to pray for yourself

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon