Vlog 2: Holes, Accelerated Reader & My Vandalized Car

Today’s Argument: Hooter’s All You Can Eat

Today was all-you-can-eat traditional wing’s at Hooter’s – pretty great deal, huh? Well. My stomach is the size of aRead More

My 33-Hour New York Trip: Mac Miller, Rob Markman, HotNewHipHop

Last week, I took a quick trip to New York and I was there for business (LiVideo). I wish IRead More

I Got Stopped By Security 5 Times Before My Flight

Today was quite the day. First, I slept at 5 A.M. (I really need to stop doing that), woke upRead More

Reminiscing with Snoop Dogg

Before my interview with Snoop Dogg, we were reminiscing about our past interviews.

5 Reasons Why The Hip Hop Blogs Aren’t Answering You

I never thought I would end up in the hip-hop industry, and with the going on 6 years I have beenRead More

I Couldn’t Believe How Small It Was

About a year ago, I got a call from my apartment that there was a package waiting for me inRead More

VIDEO: Who is the greatest rapper alive?

I went to Hollywood Blvd to ask people who they think is the greatest rapper alive right now. Do you agree orRead More

10 Random Facts About Me

The other day, someone told me they were interested in doing an interview with me, but did not know whatRead More

How to Skip Long Lines at Six Flags

I went to Magic Mountain for the first time yesterday – I felt like a little kid! I hadn’t beenRead More

VIDEO: What’s a T.H.O.T.?

I went up Hollywood Blvd to ask people if they could tell me what the urban term T.H.O.T. is. MostRead More

Jen’s Journal: My Godson, Appreciation and a Reality Show

September 10, 2014  I’m up reading through my blog posts, and came across some from 2009. It was so interestingRead More

That One Time I Was On “The Jerry Springer Show”

Of all the things I have experienced, I can definitely say I’ll never forget this milestone: getting on The Jerry SpringerRead More

Every Mistake I’ve Ever Made In An Interview

I just recently updated my reel, and it took literally 9 months to get it right, and it’s still notRead More

The Only Time I Let a Stranger in my Apartment

Shoutout to the dude who saved my life!

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