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Toure Roberts

  • You will know the truth when you hear it 
  • Sometimes we can’t see our own lane because we are obsessed with someone else’s 
  • There’s an anointing in your lane – You don’t feel like you’re anointed because you’re not in your lane 
  • God can only back you up in your lane 
  • You’re connected to those lives you’re supposed to touch 
  • When you spend your life pursuing add-ons, you miss the kingdom 
  • Don’t become so distracted that you become dull 
  • To discern your timing is everything 
  • Sometimes everyone around you sees you more than you see you 
  • “Removing of what can be shaken-that is, created things-so that what cannot be shaken may remain.”
  • Remove the things in your life that are shaky, things that we are relying on that aren’t reliable 
  • Brokenness will not take you into destiny 
  • What remains is that which is supposed to be there 
  • Appreciate the shaking 
  • What I have built VS What God has built 
  • What have you built that you’re standing on? 
  • God is stripping away walls of false security 
  • Let God shake it because it’s not trustworthy and it’s not you 
  • When you find your lane, you’re going to be fulfilled and happy 
  • The world hasn’t met you yet, they know your image 
  • If you don’t find your real self soon, you’re going to be a slave to the image for the rest of your life 
  • God is not sympathetic to your image 
  • God is willing to ruin your life so you can find your life 
  • Consuming fire = Stays on you but doesn’t kill you 
  • Those who leave couldn’t stay, and those who stay couldn’t leave 
  • What leaves your life is just as important as what comes into your life 
  • You can’t say you’re passed your prime because you don’t know when your prime is 
  • Everything God promises shows up in time 
  • The promise is always greater than the process 
  • The process doesn’t disqualify, it ensures the promise 
  • It’s on it’s way… but you’ve got to embrace your real identity. It’s not going to happen to an ordinary person

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon