6 Ways to Follow Your Dreams While Working a 9-5

1. Commit: Commitment is the first step – you have to be willing to wholeheartedly commit to your vision. Just like a relationship; there will be ups and down, but you have to be in it for the long run. 2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: There’s been...

Bad Things Are Good Things

This video was inspired by a message I heard in church focusing on Philippians 4:13. I break down the true meaning of the verse, why bad things are good things and why we should go after everything we are afraid of. New inspirational video every Tuesday!

Why I Want To Be Famous

Last week, FamousBirthdays.com reached out and said I was being searched frequently on their site. They then asked for information to create my profile, which inspired me to talk about how I don’t think I’m famous, and why I want to be.

8 Traits That Won’t Make You Successful

I may not have the complete recipe for success, but I do know which ingredients are NOT included. Here are 8 things that won’t make you successful. 1. Half-assing Your Way Through Life: You can’t afford to be lazy when you’re striving for success. There are going to...