Food Voodoo

I dated a person who didn’t let women cook for him because of food voodoo. Yes, this in unfortunately a real thing and here’s what you need to know about it. I also do a Q&A with those who tuned in via Instagram Live and talk living in and moving to Los Angeles, my best date, music that keeps me motivated, road tripping by myself, why I don’t do skits and more.

0:17 // New direction of my podcast
0:38 // Food voodoo
// Instagram live reactions to food voodoo
8:57 // Q&A begins
10:40 // Can I sing?
10:50 // Dating life in Cali
14:52 // Getting a man’s attention
15:16 // Derrick Rose
17:24 // Music that keeps me motivated
18:29 // Roadtripping from Chicago to LA
19:54 // Favorite Food
20:51 // Moving to LA videos
20:59 // My car
21:27 // Instagram skits
22:36 // Comedy videos
22:57 // Where to listen to my podcast
23:32 // Safe neighborhoods in LA
25:30 // Numbers aren’t everything


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