Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now, I knew the title would grab your attention, but I’m not really going to tell you the foods that make me shit – I think my “10 Things That Make Me Unattractive” post was enough to disgust you. And really, if you think about it – don’t all foods make everyone shit? They have to leave your body eventually.

Anyway. Today, I’m sharing a Thanksgiving piece I produced for Skee.TV, which features Waka Flocka, Logic, Skeme, Kid Red and Dorrough Music.

The first question was What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? After the artists got all serious (with the exception of Waka dissing on chick’s who can’t cook), my follow-up question of What Thanksgiving dish gives you the shits completely threw them off.

What Thanksgiving dish gives you the shits?
Watch the video below.