Know Your Audience

Stop Focusing On The Numbers

Unlocking The YouTube Space

How and why you should do it.

My Biggest Marketing Mistake

Recently, I’ve been researching and testing out new things to build my brand – and one of the things wasRead More

6 Tips For Starting a Website/Blog

I’ve been getting questions on how I started my blog/website, so I decided to share my beginners guide to startingRead More

Why I Don’t Own/Use Business Cards

Business cards are something everyone uses for their business – but I refuse to. Here’s why I don’t use businessRead More

67 People I Want to Thank

*UPDATE* MAY 30, 2014 I wrote this post on July 16, 2012. Today, I am at 10,000+ likes and soRead More

Business Card Advice

UPDATE: Why I Don’t Own/Use Business Cards   Back in April of 2010 I went to a Johnny Cupcakes meetRead More

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