*UPDATE* MAY 30, 2014

I wrote this post on July 16, 2012. Today, I am at 10,000+ likes and so many more people to thank. Shoutout to everyone on this list, and everyone who has been supporting me since day one. I wish I could thank every single one of you.

Sadly, I have been neglecting my facebook fan page and just saw that I am at over 5,000 likes! When I first saw that, I was speechless because I remember when that was only in the single digits.

Anyway, I’ve been asked several times on how I got to that many likes, and one of the main reasons is because of 67 people who heavily promoted me when I first started in 2009. (I bet some won’t even remember doing this).

I believed so much in my goals and dreams that I guess these people believed in them as much as I did. These 67 people suggested my blog to every single one of their friends on Facebook by either allowing me sign onto their account, or did it themselves. (Can’t believe some just let me sign on, but I am not complaining).

No matter what happens or where I end up, I will always remember who got me to where I am. I will always remember who helped me, who supported me and who was always there for me. I feel so blessed to say that 67 people did this for me – and if you’re wondering how I remembered everyone who did, it’s because I kept a list in a word document that I recently found while I was cleaning out my laptop.

There is no way I could have done this on my own, so, thank you to these people who suggested my blog to their friends, and also to those who have promoted the page without me even knowing.

You all are amazing – and I will be forever grateful.

1. AJ Jallouga
2. Alex DeLeon
3. Alvin Medina
4. Andy Rochon
5. Anna Reyes
6. Brian Kim
7. Melvin Soriano
8. Chris DeLeon
9. Steven DeLeon
10. Cody Ray
11. Lauren Comia
12. Eddie Vargas
13. Germaine Sy
14. Ky Figueroa
15. Michael Tate
16. Jamell Ross
17. James Williams
18. Sean Campbell
19. Renee Fox
20. Ralph Gomez
21. Jon Lee
22. Dulce Arroyo
23. Dave Vessella
24. Gerard Danan
25. Lean Astete
26. Jay Flegel
27. Kristen Franzen
28. Heather Fite
29. Tyler Ross
30. Mikal Johnson
31. Shaun Kimbrow
32. Shane Gome
33. Miranda Pope
34. Stevie Sisavathay
35. Kathryn Comia
36. Leia DeLeon
37. Amanda Schulewitz
38. Gerrik Birt
39. Sandra Lewinska
40. Kris Bills
41. Uriah Kalahicki
42. Ashley Robinson
43. Andrew DeLeon
44. Nadia Adam
45. Mike Matranga
46. Tyler Kennedy
47. Johnny Vassallo
48. Paolo Apuli
49. Lauren Comia
50. Jamie Capadocia
51. Cha Punzalan
52. Luce Metrius
53. Jon Paglinawan
54. George Thomas
55. Colin Allan
56. Taavi Hapalapa
57. Lisa Le
58. Armando Gutierrez
59. Ryan DeGuzman
60. Emma Johnson
61. Bree Aguilar
62. Febby Yu
63. Anya
64. Rocco Raschillo
65. Jordan Reyes
66. Rachel Schumilinski
67. Ron McKinley