This message from Sarah Jakes Roberts will inspire you to unleash your mind, heart and eyes to be the best you can be.

  • Don’t resent the leash that protected you because it taught you boundaries
  • Your heartbreak happened so you can choose better the next time
  • Unleash your mind. You don’t have to do it how everyone else does it
  • If you don’t have the mindset of what you’re praying for it doesn’t matter
  • Unleash your eyes
  • You’ve been exposed to dysfunction because ultimately God wants you to cure it. You can’t cure a disease you don’t know
  • Stop resenting the fact that your life doesn’t look like someone else’s
  • Unleash your heart. It has a weakness that will keep you from becoming all that God wants you to become
  • God trusts you with an opportunity no matter how broken you are because He knows who you really are
  • God knows exactly who you are, what you’re afraid of and called you anyway
  • You’re still in the room because there’s still something for you to accomplish
  • God unleashing your heart will change what you attract to your circle
  • Unleash your mouth to start aligning yourself with what God is saying in heaven
  • The only thing holding you back is because your mouth has been closed
  • Sometimes we don’t unleash our mouth because someone unleashed their mouth and discouraged us, but you can speak over the thing that spoke over you
  • Unleash your hands. It’s ready to build something
  • God has already created the need that your gift answers
  • Some people won’t know who you are until you educate them
  • Know what you got
  • Know what you carry
  • When you know what you have, you don’t get offended when they treat you like everyone else
  • I can change your life
  • If you’re asking me for my attention please give me something in return
  • The next time someone asks for your attention, ask what you’re going to lose or what you’re going to gain
  • Be the type of person where if you are getting their attention they’re going to gain something
  • I’m not going to give you something you’re expecting, I’m going to give you something you didn’t even know you would pray for
  • Don’t do it in the name of YouTube or the name of Instagram, do it in the name of God
  • Anything you ask of God, He will do it
  • Start believing that it’s already done
  • It’s your year

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