twitter_icon4I spend a lot of my free time reading a bunch of articles and trying out new tools, especially for social media. I almost got Twitter on lock, so I want to share 3 tools that you should know about.

Friend or Follow – If you’re anything like me, numbers are everything to you. I use this tool about twice a month to see who I’m following that doesn’t follow back and vise versa. This tool also works with Instagram!

UnTweeps – Again, numbers are everything to me. This tool tells you who you’re following on Twitter that isn’t active anymore. You can set it to see “stale accounts” from the last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days etc. It’s amazing how many people you follow that don’t even use Twitter anymore! I just unfollowed about 30 accounts this month.

TweetDeck – This tool really boost the numbers for my site. I started using this when I went to the Philippines, and because of the time difference (16 hours ahead of LA), and the less free time I’d have out here, I scheduled out three tweets during the hours of LA so I would still pop up in feeds. My Alexa ranking jumped from 2.7 million globally to 2.1 million globally in a matter of a week just because of this tool – and I’ll definitely be using this from now on!

Best thing about all three tools? They’re all free!
Let me know if there are any other tools I should look into. I’m always looking to find things that make life more convenient.

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