01183Right now, I’m known as “Jen DeLeon” but what a lot of you don’t know is that my real name is actually Tang Ju Nai. “Jen DeLeon” was just an alias name my manager came up with because one, it’s easier to pronounce, and two, I didn’t want my real name out there. Well, guess the secret is out.

Am I serious? No, I’m not serious. But if I get ONE more email on my personal, jendeleon.com account, that reads “Hey HotNewHipHop!” I. Will. Cut. You.

That is not what Ron and Yolly put on my birth certificate – So figure it out, and stop calling me that because I won’t answer.

Sidenote – My real name is Jennifer Marie DeLeon. Not Tang Ju Nai. That’s my Chinese name apparently. I don’t know. I googled “get a Chinese name,” specifically for this post, filled in my name and that’s what it translated to.

Well, glad I could clear that up.

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