I swear back in October 2009 I would spend a lot of time submitting to different television shows – Oprah Winfrey, Wheel of Fortune, Lopez Tonight, Shark Tank and Real World.

About a month ago I got an e-mail from MTV saying they liked my e-mail submission (there was no video, it was a picture, description of my personality and my age) and I got a VIP pass to audition in Chicago. Completely random, considering I have never watched a full episode of the show, but I heard it’s pretty crazy. Anyway, when I got there I ran into a couple friends auditioning for fun, and the whole experience was just funny.

You would think they would ask a bunch of questions, which they did – in a packet: how is your relationship with your parents, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. – BUT the actual interview process was a group thing and basically you had to say your name, what your doing right now and a word to describe yourselves.

I highly doubt I would ever make it onto the show lol over 18,000 apply for every season and only 8 make it! I loved the experience of going to an audition though, completely random. There were some people who were just trying way to hard to impress the interviewer, for example: these two girls completely changing their voices, talking about how they like both men and women and how they can be dirty, how they’re willing to cheat and it was all just.. disturbing. Oh, and of course – can’t forget the girl who kept saying she’s real and literally, the FIRST thing that came out of her mouth was, “look – I dont care about any of you here, I don’t care about anyone. I’m real and I need to be on this show.” Lot of interesting people I must say. If I ever made it onto this show, I wonder if I’d be able to do it? Probably not lol anyway, other than that, the food they had there was amazing and I met a couple of people too.

Well, just thought I’d share that story because it was completely random =)