I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy a bar, club or “partying” again – movie, bowling or food is my preference. I have my reasoning, but I’ll save that for a future webisode.¬†Anyway, I spent tonight in my apartment reading and writing – which inspired me to want to have a huge bookshelf of all the books I’ve read starting today. I want to be able to pass down the knowledge and inspiration to my family and friends, and remember some of the things that influenced me to be the person I am today.

My plan for this is to write the date I finished the books in the inside cover, and then pass it along for someone else to read. When they finish, I want them to date and write their name as well just because I want to see how many people I can pass these along to.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t much of a reader and never made it a priority to spend money on random books, but thanks to my Aunt for giving me two great readings before I got on the plane back to L.A. (surprised visit my family last weekend), I have been reading everyday and will continue to do so.

I finished one of them in two days, and just started reading the second one. Both are Christian books, and so motivating/ inspiring to say the least – which is why I have been writing down everything I’ve learned from the books in my notebook seen in the picture. I want to be able to read and remember how I felt on this journey to my dream.

Well, if you have any book suggestions, please let me know! I plan to have enough for the bookshelf sometime next year.

It’s about 5 A.M., so for those who are awake and reading this, get some sleep! For those who are waking up, good morning!