save_money1. Customer rewards programs.
It may only be 10-15%, but that little bit goes a long way if you’re a frequent customer. I have value cards with Target, Ralphs, CVS and Vons. I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t sign up for it considering it’s free anyway.

2. Surveys/feedback.
I don’t know about you, but I eat a shit ton of fast food. (I’ve been getting better). I’ll use Burger King as an example. Did you know at Burger King you can get a free whopper or chicken sandwich as long as you buy a drink or fry by filling out that survey on the back? Those are the only two things I order on the menu, so I’m all the way winning, and the survey only takes maybe 2 minutes.

3. You don’t need cable.
I haven’t had cable the entire time I’ve lived in LA. Why? Because one, I don’t even watch TV like that, and two there are so many sites where you can watch the shows you like. The one show I absolutely cannot miss is Scandal, but iTunes sells each episode for $1.99, or you can get a season pass where it’s about $40 I believe. Also, I just buy an HDMI cord to plug in my laptop to my TV, so it’s pretty much like having cable lol.

4. Keep the spare change.
I used to not care about change – but definitely do now. Why do we always just tell people to “keep the change” or just throw away the extra? That adds up.

5. Don’t buy any apparel for full price.
Everything you buy eventually goes out of season or will go on sale. Just wait a little bit. Thankfully, I have baby feet so most of the heels I want to buy, go on sale because there are no sizes left.

6. Stop buying things you don’t need.
I was pissed off when I went through my closet this weekend and realized I don’t wear 75% of the things I own anymore. Stop buying things you don’t really need.

7. Cash back credit cards.
Well, actually, don’t own credit cards unless you can be absolutely responsible with them (I’m paying for all that crap I put on my credit cards), and if you do get one, get one that offers points or cash-back. I personally like the Chase Freedom and Bank of America Cash Rewards card.

8. Coupons
There are coupons for everything. You can google them online, or simply use the ones attached on the back of the receipts. I swear they’re useful.

9. Learn how to cook.
As mentioned, I eat entirely too much fast food. Really, almost everyday, but I’ve gotten way better at it since apparently I have turned into a chef. Groceries are so cheap.

10. Take advantage of trains, bikes and legs.
If you live in a city where transportation is very accessible (Chicago, New York), I don’t know why you’re driving in the first place. LA’s transportation system is not very convenient, but that is why I moved to the area where my job is literally down the street. I spent less than $100 on gas this month. I’m not driving anywhere unless I absolutely have to.

Have more suggestions on how to save money? Comment below!