September 10, 2014 

I’m up reading through my blog posts, and came across some from 2009. It was so interesting to read what I was going through back then, and I want to try something new tonight – just simply writing public journal entries so I can look back at them in the future.


Last night, I didn’t sleep until 5:30 A.M. There were a lot of reasons why, but the main reason was because I was up thinking about my Godson, Dominick.

I haven’t opened up about him yet on my blog, but Dom passed away last month. For those who have been following me, you know how much that little boy means to me – I treated him like he was my own. Anyway, when it happened, my family was in town visiting for 2 weeks, and I was able to find comfort and stay busy so I wouldn’t be sad, but it really, really, really took a toll on me last night. Dom deserves numbers of posts on just him, so I will tell you all about him, his story, how he changed my life, what I think he’s up to right now, another time.

Another thing I was up thinking about last night was how much I appreciate the people who have looked out. I really want people to know how much I appreciate them. When I was first writing out this post, I wrote about who I reached out to last night, but then started backspacing because I have now decided I want to make my appreciation public and more personal. Maybe it’ll be something I dedicate every week.

Now… let’s fast forward to my day after I got only 3 hours of sleep smh.

The first thing that happened when I got to work today was we had our weekly staff meeting. Sean Kingston was supposed to come in today, but something came up so we’re rescheduling to the 25th. We also had a crew come in for a reality show. Can’t give too many details about it, but it was fun filming. They asked me about my diet, said they heard I get people to do whatever I want in an interview, etc. It was a lot of fun.

After that, my intern (Shoutout to Jocelyn!) came in and she’s absolutely amazing. So happy to have her – she’s a great person and a hard worker. While I was showing her the basics of iMovie and reviewing videos that I need to drop this week (they’re going to be great by the way) we realized that I have a little dreadlock. Yes, just one. This will be explained in another blog.

To end off my work day, my friend Mo Beatz came in and we were talking about how we’re really working on getting our shit together lol. From workouts, to careers, etc., and then I ended my day at Target of course to get some groceries (yes, I go to Target for groceries), talked to my parents for a bit where they lectured me about drinking more water lol, and now I’m writing in this journal, about to watch an episode of Scandal and the livestream of tonight’s preaching and call it a night.

It was fun to write about my day. Definitely going to be doing this more often. Hope you enjoyed it!

PS if you missed my post earlier today about being on The Jerry Springer Show, read it here.