I recently started up summer school and my schedule has been getting super hectic. I am really aiming for this website to grow in stats and I am trying my hardest to update it when I can.

Since I have a little bit of free time during class, I thought I should talk about my internship.

If you were following my blog before, you might have seen the video of where I made it into the top 10 for B-96’s Summer Intern Search. I decided to drop out of the competition, due to an internship opportunity with NBC Chicago.

I started at NBC last week and it has definitely been great. After only a week in, I can confidently say I have learned a lot. I will be with them until the end of summer, and looking forward to the opportunities and doors it opens.

Check out some of the work I have done on the new page I added – NBC Chicago.

“Make it happen.”
– Jen DeLeon