I’m surprised I am keeping up with this ten-day challenge. Hmm day five…  honestly I don’t wish I had never done anything because I learned from all of it – but since this is the challenge, I will be more creative about it and come up with things I wish I hadn’t done, and maybe you guys can avoid doing these things!

I wish I didn’t open a credit card at age 16. Alright obviously we all need to build our credit at one point in our lives, I just wish I didn’t open it so early in my life. Credit cards suck – don’t open more than one, and don’t just pay minimum balances because it will rack up and you really end up not paying anything. I really didn’t spend as much as what my balance was, but that interest killed me. Also, if you’re thinking “eh i’ll just charge it and pay it in full right away,” you won’t. So stop thinking that lol. Learn from my mistake.

I wish I never got obsessed with Portillo’s. Alright, Portillo’s is delicious, but the meal I have been getting for literally the last ten years costs me about $10.00 everytime I go, and I go every week – sometimes twice a week. Forty-dollars on Portillo’s alone, and I eat out all the time. I could have used all that money from my salad, fries and coke to my credit cards lol.

I wish I didn’t spend my money on things I wanted. I just cleaned out my room back in the suburbs, and realized half the crap in there was pointless. I either never use them, or wear them, or wore them once in my life. Waste of money – again, could have all went to my credit cards lol.

I wish I didn’t have that high school drama. I think we can all relate to this one – all the high school drama we all dealt with, and sadly some of us still have drama. I just think it’s pointless to be mad, or hold grudges against someone for something you are more than likely not going to care about years from now. Some things don’t matter, others do – analyze!

I wish I didn’t get stung by a jellyfish. Yes, a jellyfish. That was one of the most painful things I had ever felt lol, but I will tell that story in another post someday.

I wish I didn’t run around with a pretend lighter in middle school so I wouldn’t have gotten suspended. Again, that’s another story to tell. That was not fair at all, and I got in so much trouble! lol

Alright, that was hard. What are some of the things you wish you’d never had done? Tomorrow’s challenge: five people who mean a lot.