We always say we’re living life to the fullest, but are we? Here are 9 signs that you are not living life to its full potential.

1. You want everyone to be happy.
You can’t please everyone, you worry too much about how your actions will affect someone else’s feelings.  That’s a great trait, but you need to make sure that it doesn’t prevent you from your happiness. Do you, boo!

2. You’re glued to your phone.
If you spend the majority of your time looking down, scrolling through pictures and status updates, how are you going to notice the beautiful sunset or that dope street art? Rather than enjoying the company of our family or best friends we spend more time looking down at at our phones. Enjoy their company; put your phone down. I’m definitely guilty of checking my phone obsessively, but I’m working on it! Don’t judge me.

 3. Afraid of rejection.
It’s okay to be afraid of rejection, but not to the point where it keeps you from even trying. You don’t want to wake up one day and regret the fact that you didn’t even try. Be led by your dreams, not by the fear of rejection.

4. You’re stressing the future.
You worry about things that may or may not even happen. Stop it! Go with the flow, everything will fall into place if you just have faith.

5. You think you have time.
Remember that trip you always wanted to take, but you always end up postponing it? Well, by the time you notice time will have passed and you’ll realize that “tomorrow” never came. If you wan’t to travel, try something new, meet up with a friend – do it now. Don’t leave the things you want to do, or say for “tomorrow”.

6. You don’t dance in your car.
You enjoy dancing and singing in your car, but when a stranger pulls up next to you, you stop in embarrassment. But, why? Do you even know that person? What I’m getting at is that you care too much about what people will think about you – even to a complete stranger. Be yourself, even if it means not everyone will appreciate your awesomeness.

7. You hold on to grudges.
Let go of all the negativity that is keeping you from happiness. The feeling of hating an individual burdens you more than it will to them. Let it go; do it for your happiness.

8. You only get excited about the weekend.
Life is happening every day, not just Friday through Sunday. Greet each day like it was a Saturday, minus the mimosas for brunch.

9. You don’t have goals.
Setting goals gives you a reason to wake up everyday with the intent of being great. It gives you something to look forward to. Set some goals that get you excited for life, and encourage you to be a better person.