You’re Worried About The Wrong Thing

Remain in Obedience – DeVon Franklin
  • You’re too accepting of a natural reality that does not align with your spiritual destiny
  • Sometimes what you think is dead will respond to what you say
  • You’ve been speaking death over your life way too much, speak light!
  • There are people in your life that always have something negative to say (phone, text, in-person). Clean up your environment. If you need light you have to create light
  • Do what you’re supposed to do and let God do the rest
  • You won’t wear a banner of what you’ve been through all your life
  • Frustration robs you of time you can spend with God
  • God tries to speak to us in certain moments but we don’t hear Him
  • When you got it, you always got it
  • You’re just at the beginning – Why are you trying to put a period where God doesn’t even want to put a comma?
  • God’s doing a new thing everyday
  • People will create a business, new opportunity will open just for you because of the way you hear God
  • Stop letting people tell you the way you’re doing it is not going to work – How do you know if you never work it?
  • You are worried about the wrong thing – Keep showing up and doing the work and let God deliver to you what is yours when it’s time
  • When God gives you a word, you have to take that word and have faith
  • You can’t obey a word you have not yet heard
  • What is destructing your hearing?
  • When you can’t hear someone on the other line, you do whatever to adjust so you can get reception so you’re willing to seek out a better connection. Are you more concerned about your cell service than your soul service? What or who is destructing your service?
  • That person is not ordained from God to be in our life but we allow our dependency and don’t want to be lonely that we’re even allowing friendships to take up our oxygen space and blocking our connection
  • You may not be hearing God because you’re allowing the wrong people to be around you
  • Ask God who in your space is disrupting your connection
  • You’re not hearing Him because you haven’t spent enough time with Him
  • Sometimes we have to take away time to hear what God is saying (social media)
  • Use social media as a tool to do what God wants you to do and not it to take away from what He wants you to do
  • Time with God – First thing in the morning, pray and ask God what do you want me to hear today? And write it down
  • We spend so much time in prayer requesting and not listening
  • Some of you have been hearing and not doing
  • When God gives us a word, we either do it or choose not to
  • We don’t do it because we don’t like what we heard
  • When a word disrupts what you thought you were supposed to do, that’s when you know you’re supposed to do it
  • In order to be obedient, we have to let some things go
  • Most of our frustrations come because we were disobedient to what He wants us to do
  • We’re running from what God wants us to do… what is holding you back from doing what God has called you to do?
  • You’re keeping someone around that shouldn’t be around. It’s like drinking expired milk. The time already passed and the relationship is over, and you keep going back thinking it’ll nourish you and you’re getting sicker and sicker
  • Obedience > Sacrifice, because your obedience is going to cost you more
  • Disobedience can never bring peace
  • The way we’re living right now does not align with what He’s called us to be
  • We don’t obey because we’re too afraid
  • If you’re too afraid to do what God has called you to do, it’s because you’re too trusting of your power and not His
  • You’re worried about something that’s not even for you to do – All you have to do is have the faith and practice obedience
  • Learn how to control your fear
  • How do you know that God has called you to do it? Because you’re afraid
  • Obey or disobey, there’s only 2 ways to live
  • Be obedient or be comfortable in your disobedience
  • The storm wasn’t enough to produce obedience in Jonah – If the storm you’re going through isn’t enough for you to be obedient, do you really think this storm is going to let up?
  • Sometimes God allows us to go to the storm because He wants the obedience to produce in us
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God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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