You’re Not Focused

Coming Into Focus – TD Jakes

  • Are you fighting with people you don’t need to be arguing with?
  • When you know you’re on a trajectory to go up, you have to move steadily
  • Don’t want to go back through what I have already been through
  • You stopped striving…. There comes a point where you say I’ve already been there
  • Do you have the focus to receive it?
  • Everything is there, but it’s out of focus
  • Bringing things into order is a sign of maturity
  • You have to get things into refocus
  • What used to work is now out of focus
  • My response to stress = Order and structure
  • You might be rejecting something God wants to send in your life
  • You cannot have a new blessing and an old order
  • Are you organized for what you prayed for?
  • Anything something new comes into your life you have to restructure
  • You have to structure for where you’re going, not for where you’ve been
  • Anytime you take new blessings with old order, you’re going to have chaos
  • What do you need to reorder to get new blessings?
  • It’s hard to follow someone who doesn’t have focus
  • Everything you say can be true but if there’s no focus they won’t know what you’re talking about
  • Some people talk with no focus
  • You have to have a plan for money
  • You will lose things you had because you don’t have focus
  • Everything good that comes along is not for you to do
  • Sometimes you have to let good things go because there’s no focus
  • Discipline to say “no” because it has nothing to do with what you want to do
  • No focus VS Wrong focus
  • Wrong focus = You should be committed to this, but you’re worried about that. Fighting the wrong battle, putting right efforts in wrong places. You’re eating the fruits today of yesterday’s focus
  • Are you spending your energy on someone else’s emotions?
  • You date everybody, you flirt with everybody – and end up lonely and empty because your efforts are never focused
  • You have to have a plan of where you want to go in your life
  • You’re not any further at this age because you’re not focused
  • The further I go back, the more I’m out of focus
  • The more things change, the more I’m out of focus
  • Anytime something moves you have to refocus
  • What is your center? You can’t focus on your parameter, focus on your principles
  • Once your priorities have your energies, you can handle your parameters
  • I am not focused on what that other guy is doing
  • The more out of focus I am, the more blurred I become
  • For God where is about to take you, you have to put all your focus
  • People go where they want to go
  • Make it count
  • You’re putting too much energy into things that are not profitable
  • Distracted by someone else’s behavior
  • You can’t spend the rest of your life out of focus
  • Do you not know how strong you are when you’re focused? When you are out of focus you are weak
  • You have to choose what you let hurt you
  • You have too many things on your mind
  • When you have too many things pulling at you, you’re not strong
  • The greatest resistance comes when you’re near the greatest opportunity – In order to get the greatest opportunity, you need to fight the greatest resistance
  • You take the amount of capacity that you can be focused on
  • Don’t let your ego drive you out of focus
  • Ego won’t let you let things and people go – That person’s love costs too much
  • The fire comes where ever the focus is
  • You may be praying for things you don’t need
  • The problem isn’t how much I’m giving you, it’s how you’re handling what I give you
  • If you’re faithful over few things, I’ll make you ruler of many
  • You are praying for more when you can’t even manage less
  • You need to show God you’re an investment and good stewart over what God has given you
  • Can God trust you?
  • No matter how much or how little you bless me with, I’ll put you first
  • All you have to do is focus
  • Sometimes you think you’re scaling down but God saves the best for last
  • People love you in your season of miracles, but will they when you’re not?
  • The true test of commitment is going through the different stages – Every stage requires a little bit more
  • Are we majoring in the minor?
  • You’re mad God took away someone He was going to take away anyway?
  • The real test is even when I don’t get what I want, and it didn’t happen when I wanted it to happen… You gotta prove your commitment of loving me when you don’t like me
  • In order to have a moment with God, you have to pay the price
  • You’ve had your moments, where is your mission?

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