You’re More Than What You Think

  • If you don’t go through the process, you can’t experience the power of God
  • You are never closer to God until moments you’re crushed and feel like you’re alone
  • You chased down, sacrificed your calling, got it and it wasn’t what was presented – not what you thought it was… there MUST be MORE
  • It’s not supposed to be easy
  • Nothing in life that is valuable comes easy
  • There’s some things God needs you to do and accomplish
  • You have the power to shift things
  • Why are you fighting something God already killed? Why are you keeping alive what He killed?
  • There is more in you than you think
  • It’s not over, it’s just getting started
  • You’ve been sitting for too long, it’s time to get up
  • Your life will always be a war of dimensions (outer and inner)
  • You’ll be tempted if you don’t focus right
  • When did settling become okay?
  • God is trying to pull you into something that’s beyond what you could imagine
  • What I feel VS What God told me
  • God touches you to introduce you to where you really came from
  • You’re more than what you think
  • God wants to do stuff through you
  • God wants to bless you but not for you, through you
  • Sometimes God isn’t going to prevent a thing
  • Sometimes we only have faith in the prevention when we should have faith in the resurrection
  • God doesn’t always heal it, He resurrects it
  • We get disappointed because God doesn’t do it the way we think He should do it
  • You thought it should have happened by now…
  • For Him to resurrect what’s dead is better than Him keeping something alive
  • You buried something and God is getting ready to raise it up again
  • What did God tell you was going to be in your future that you already buried because it didn’t happen when you thought it was supposed to happen?
  • Some of you got lost in the lesser dimension – it’s not over
  • Even if it died, it can raise up again
  • Thank God it didn’t happen sooner

If these notes blessed you, pass them along to someone that you think would be blessed by them too!

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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