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  • Stop giving yourself freely –  You need to cover the cost of my investment
  • How are you going to breakthrough something you’ve never been through?
  • Even when I’m stuck it’s only because I can help someone learn how to get it
  • What is this wilderness trying to teach me? I needed to lose my job so I could find my gift
  • Make it look so easy so when other people have that obstacle they know they can breakthrough
  • Just because you have the power, doesn’t mean you have the right
  • Just because it’s functioning doesn’t mean it’s actually what you need
  • You have to be willing to go hungry
  • How many of us were so hungry because we were so lonely that we went to the wrong person?
  • When you use your power for selfish reasons it’ll hurt you in the long run
  • If we are going to be connected I need to know what you’re submitting to
  • Is God enough in your corner?
  • The fact that you know who God is, is success in itself
  • Even when I’m struggling, I’m blessed
  • God has already done more than you could’ve prayed for
  • In the flight to purpose there are hidden fees
  • Be strategic on how you use your power: time, creativity, energy, etc.
  • Don’t abuse what God has given you
  • Don’t dilute your power
  • If God doesn’t tell me to do it, it will not be done
  • I’d rather be hungry than to settle
  • They’re depending on you – If I don’t do it, my brother, mom, dad, etc may never see it
  • Hit “go” the moment God says “go”
  • Throwing yourself down VS stumbling – Looks the same, but it’s not. The difference is the intention when you start
  • After you stumble you ask, “how did I not see the rock?”
  • Stop charging yourself with the crime that the old you did
  • Learn to love the person who stumbled as much as you love the person who receives the applause because they were both necessary to your journey
  • God has been pouring into you word after word and He’s waiting on you to unleash that
  • When you have an encounter with me, you’re actually having an encounter with Him
  • It’s time to get back up
  • Going hungry isn’t the worst thing in the world because it brings you closer to God
  • Show your obstacle what you’re full of

If these notes blessed you, pass them along to someone that you think would be blessed by them too!

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon