man-of-value-albert-einsteinToday I went to lunch with my boss and there was something in our conversation that really stood out to me and sparked up this blog post. We were talking about businesses and how every successful person has a secret sauce that they bring to the table, which is what makes them so valuable.

This got me thinking – so many people in this world try to replicate what another person had done or is doing whether that be their idol or their competitor. I too am guilty of this as I have always said I’m going to be the Filipino version of Oprah, which I should retract and say, I’m going to be bigger than Oprah.

What’s my secret sauce? Well, I have a few.

I’m constantly researching and studying different people and companies – I not only focus on what made this person/company successful, I look for what they’re missing. Instead of trying to copy their timeline and match their success, I bring what I’ve learned based off my observations of them into my personal life or career and make it better so I can be the best out there. I think outside of the box and I’m not afraid to be myself – I stand up for my values and beliefs, no matter what the situation or consequence is. I don’t try to be anyone that I’m not and stay in my own lane.

We spend so much of our time trying to be successful, when really, we should try to be more valuable.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

VALUE = SUCCESS. What’s your secret sauce?