spidermanI haven’t dressed up for Halloween since 2009 (college), and it was technically my first Halloween out here in LA because I didn’t do anything for it last year. Here is what I learned from this Halloween:

1. I love silly costumes – I know it’s that time of the year where girls are expected, encouraged and approved to be slutty – but when I went to the Young Dro/Popular Demand event, I didn’t dress up at all and found myself jealous of the giant Mario and Luigi that was dancing on stage. I already hate the club to begin with, but I know I’d have SO MUCH FUN if I was disguised as a giant (err, guess it really wouldn’t be a giant because I’m small) in a silly costume. If I must go out in the future, it will always be in a silly costume.

2. I fit in kids costumes – My spider man costume was for boys ages 7-8. It fit for the most part – it was a little short at the bottom so I had to roll it up to my knees, and the mask was suffocating me so I turned it into a hat. Despite it being the size for a 7-8-year-old, I’m convinced the hat didn’t fit me because I have an enormous head. Also, I got that costume Halloween night. At CVS. And I tried it on in the CVS bathroom just because I wasn’t sure if it would fit. The manager thought I was a riot, but loved it.

3. Don’t drive anywhere if you’re celebrating Halloween in LA – As mentioned, I didn’t go out last year, and this year I didn’t drive anywhere. I had plans to go to my friend’s Halloween party in Burbank, which is really only 15-20 minutes from where I live, but people were saying it took them over an hour because of how crazy traffic was. That instantly made me not want to go. I guess Halloween out here is that serious.

4. If you’re going to a club in LA, go early – I live right in the heart of Hollywood. I was supposed to attend Snoop’s Snoopadelic Halloween to do coverage – went around 1130ish (which is usually fine), but apparently it was too late. I didn’t last 5 minutes outside because of how chaotic it was, so I went back home. Apparently, people get to the club super early to avoid not being let in because of capacity, I was completely unaware of this.

5. I wish I went Trick-Or-Treating – Yes, I am a big kid at heart. I would have much rather went trick-or-treating to celebrate the holiday. But considering I’m 23, and not friends with a bunch of 10-year-olds, that was a no-go. This got me thinking, I wonder what people in the hills give kids for Halloween?

Until next time my friends!