I haven’t wrote in awhile because I have been busy trying to keep up, while also getting ahead with school. Tonight I wanted to write about family, more specifically, my family.

For those who already know me or anyone in my family person, already know how close we are – most are surprised and amazed at how strong our bond really is because they say they are not like that. So I guess this is the part where I go into details?

I feel that I have the most supporting family that anyone could ever ask for. I have a Dad who tells the whole world about my website and always asks me to blast it on his facebook, a Mom who cooks me food everytime I come home to bring back to the city because she knows I can’t cook to save my life, a brother who acts like the older one and takes care of me and will drive me all the way back home to the city because I don’t like taking the train, and of course my cousins that I see every week. I don’t even consider them as “cousins,” because we honestly all act like we’re brother and sister. Of course, I can’t forget about the family that I only get to see at family parties, as well as the ones in the Philippines (I have a big family).

Anyway, my family is honestly probably the only reason why I want to be famous already. Just like every family, we’ve gone through a lot – but we’ve always had each others back. Some of the things we’ve all been through we most definitely do not deserve, but everything happens for a reason, right? Well, I want to help my family and get them out of the situations they are in. I wish I could make enough money so that no one in my family would ever have to work again, but of course, that will take a lot of time – but I do believe it will happen.

I hear a lot of stories from friends and others about how they aren’t close with their family, how they don’t talk to their brother or sister or don’t even talk to them – and it disgusts me when I hear that. Family is there from the beginning, and will be there forever, why would you ever take that for granted? Yes, there are situations of course like the crazy drama, but if there’s no reason for you to not be okay with each other, and you choose just not to talk, then why aren’t you talking to them?

I am not saying I am the best person in the world because I talk to my family, I’m just saying that it feels good to say that we have such a strong bond because that is so rare to see. Take for instance today – I woke up and got texts from both of my cousins telling me to come by so we can eat Portillo’s. First, I have like $3.00 in my bank account lol but I go because we just love going to lunch/dinner together because it’s fun. And after? I was on the phone with my Dad before I went to the game. Then after that? Lol I was texting my Dad because he was asking how the game was and I promised him that one day I would make it, and him and my mom would retire early.

“I wish I could retire early, i’m TIRED hahaha but i’m never going to give up. I want the best for you guys.”

That was one of the last texts, and honestly? It was motivation for me to push even more. For a college student, I’m surprised at how busy my life and schedule actually is – and even though we all take the time to see each other, I really do wish that sometimes I wasn’t so busy just so I could spend time with them more, but I have to do what I have to do – hard work always pays off. Everytime I meet another famous person, in the back of my head I’m always thinking, “man, I wish I could just bring all of them here with me.” It would mean so much more for me to have them there, and I know I will be thinking the same thing with the Bulls games. I swear, if I could, I’d buy out a whole section just so they could be there every game so I could at least see them lol, then again, they’d probably throw something at me.

I love my family more than they could imagine, even though I am the punching bag lol (they make fun of me everyday for something new, sometimes even result to “let’s make fun of Jen” because they’re bored). Lol it was so funny, after my Haiti show, someone complained about the speech I gave about my family and said, “you’re not famous, and this isn’t an awards ceremony

We start and end with family, and I can’t wait until the day that they’ll never have to work again.