GlassesI’m 4’11.5″ and weigh 100 pounds – what part on my body do you think is the thickest?

My ass? Nope, we all know I’m working on that. Boobs? Nope, those are staying the way those are. My thighs? Eh, I wouldn’t say “thick,” but I do get comments on my legs from the Instagram creepers.

The thickest part on my body is….. my glasses.

So. My eyes suck. They’ve sucked all my life but lately I’ve been waiting for them to get worse because they usually do every 6 months. It was so bad that I didn’t qualify for LASIK because my prescription changes that much.

Right now, my contacts are a -6.00 and my glasses are -6.50, I can’t see for shit.

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