• If you pray about something, you shouldn’t still be feeling down about what you prayed for when you’re done. If you do, you didn’t pray
  • Sometimes, God is just waiting on you to pray for something
  • What you do for others, God will do for you
  • When you meet someone, think – How can I help this person? Not how can they help you
  • When God gives you talent and ability, use it to change the world
  • God wants to give you everything – but in order to have everything, you need to sew it all. When you have God and 17 other things, you cannot get the all of God
  • Relationship with God. Relationship with yourself. Relationship with others. In that order
  • Your relationship with God will affect your relationship with yourself, which will affect your relationship with others. You have to follow the sequence
  • When you’re able to master your relationships, your quality of life will go to levels you could never imagine
  • If you’re succeeding in life, but failing in relationships, you’re failing in life
  • How you treat others is how you treat yourself
  • Have you ever looked back at life and realized how good God has really been to you? It’s not like if you blow up, you can put God on LOL
  • You didn’t have anything to offer then, and He still gave you everything you have right now
  • God loves you, values you and believes in you
  • Don’t have a bad relationship with yourself
  • You’re going to have enough people in life going against you – You cannot be one of them
  • I have the favor of God on me, I have more than what I need
  • Your mind is supposed to work for you, not against you. When you have an anti-thought going against you, get rid of that thought. God did not give you that thought
  • Don’t look for others to affirm you, affirm yourself
  • Relationships teach you how to be like God
  • Everyone is attracted to amazing people, but only amazing people are attracted to amazing people
  • Don’t put yourself in relationships you don’t need to be in
  • The person who doesn’t forgive themselves, won’t forgive others
  • You relate to others the way you relate to yourself
  • The better your relationships, the better life is
  • Work on your relationship with God. If God didn’t believe in you, or didn’t believe your best days were still in front of you, you wouldn’t be here

If you know someone that doesn’t have a great relationship with themselves, or others, forward this message so they’re encouraged to work on them. 

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon